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So you're ready to take the next step on your hair journey.  What to do?  I strive to be flexible so, please text or call me to set up your first visit, if that is what you're most comfortable with.  You can also book online through the Salon Lofts site or app.  Booking online is pretty straightforward.  Please book the "New Guest First Time Haircut" if you only need a cut.  Once you have booked, I will probably reach out to you with a few questions to make sure we get you booked correctly.  I will double-check the date, time, and appointment length to ensure we will have enough time to create your desired look!

What to expect during your appointment...  Some things have changed due to Covid-19.  

When you arrive, please text me and I'll let you know when to come into Salon Lofts.  Once inside, make a right and follow the hall to Loft 9.  Normally you would be offered a drink (coffee, water, beer, wine) before you and I get started with our consultation. 


During the consultation, we will not only talk about your goals for today but your long term hair goals as well. My color services are all customized for you and recorded at each visit. 

I will wrap up our time together by confirming our maintenance schedule, set you up with your next appointment, give recommendations for at-home care that will best suit your needs, and send you out feeling your best! If this kind of experience is what you're looking for, click the big button below!


Please fill out the form below to give me a little info upfront, or if you don't want to, that's cool!  We will cover all of it during your in-depth consultation in person.

New guest pre-consultation
Which best describes you?
How much does budget affect your hair choices?

Thanks for submitting!

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